5A high power regulated power supply module,75W DC-DC adjustable step-down power ,, with voltage meter shows far exceeds LM2596.

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Product Discription

5A high power 75W DC-DC with calibration module with adjustable voltage step-down pillars send table display

Buyers attention please:

The module output voltage is not adjustable, always equal to the input voltage. When you encounter this problem, please turn the potentiometer 10 times counterclockwise, and then use the module to adjust the voltage.

Because the buck module is factory, the default output voltage is about 20V.


On the market, the vast majority of the 2596 that current to Three0A, in fact, also will be able to One8A, the total power of about 15W, power on many occasions is not up to the requirements; the step-down module can easily reach 4.5A power to 75W, has a high price!


Module highlights:

1. 5A high power, high efficiency, low voltage, low ripple!

Two Indicator light with power supply!

3. On-board voltmeter, voltmeter self calibration, there will always be no voltage meter inaccurate problems!!

4. With fins!




Module performance and characteristics:


Power indicator light

Voltage meter and voltage meter self calibration. Adopts more advanced voltage microprocessor, voltage meter error + 0.05V, range 0~40V. (Note: to ensure the accuracy of voltmeter, please ensure that the input voltage is above 4.5V)

Touch the button to switch the measured input or output voltage, and indicate which voltage is being measured, and save the settings, even when the power is off.

• the voltmeter can be turned off and touch the left button easily when you don't need it.

With wiring terminals, no soldering iron can also be convenient to use, and to retain welding wire wiring point.

Input voltage 4.0~38V. (the input voltage must be above 1.5V higher than the output voltage)

Adjustable output voltage range 1.25V to 36V, adjustable continuously. (the input voltage must be 1.5V higher than the output voltage)

The output current can reach 5A, and it is recommended to be used in 4.5A.

Output power 75W.

High conversion efficiency, up to 96% (efficiency is related to input, output voltage, current, pressure difference)

The load adjustment rate of S (I) = 0.8%, voltage adjustment rate S (U) = 0.8%

Overheating protection and short circuit protection function

Size 6.6*3.9*1.8CM


Self calibration method for on-board voltmeter:

1 onboard voltage meter display output voltage, press the right button for 2 seconds after the release, voltage meter and output voltage indicator "OUT" blinking, the output voltage adjustment mode; similarly, the voltmeter input voltage display, press the right button for 2 seconds after the release, voltage meter and input voltage "IN" lights blinking, the input voltage adjustment mode;

2 touch the right button, a high voltage unit, touch the left button, a voltage reducing unit; because the voltage of a unit value is less than 0.1V, so you need to press 1-5 to see the continuous change of the voltage meter 0.1V, voltage of concrete continuous button several times depending on the current display value of the voltage is displayed high, the fewer the number of;

3. after the voltage adjustment is completed, press the right button for 2 seconds to release, then you can exit the voltage calibration mode, and all parameters are automatically saved out of power.

Note: this kind of adjustment method, you only need to calibrate once, you can get the accurate voltage value on the whole voltage range, this function is to meet your higher precision requirements and design, please feel free to use.


Application range:

This module can be applied in the field of blood pressure is higher than the output voltage of the input voltage, such as battery, power transformer, DIY adjustable regulated power supply, 24V vehicle notebook power supply, industrial equipment, pressure 12V turn 3.3V, 12V turn 5V, 24V turn 5V, 24V turn 12V, 36V turn 24V.


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